Month: April 2013

Deertrail Resort Part 2

The stone work at this abandoned site is absolutely beautiful, but the art work upon the interior surfaces is just as spectacular.  The artists’ use of color is phenomenal.   Click to see Deserted Deertrail Resort Click to see Deserted Deertrail Resort – Part 3


Deserted Deertrail Resort

This unfinished lodge sits on the precipice of  160 acres along  the Sooke river.  At one time, the plans were to build a resort that would boast 250 luxury rooms and a conference facility for 450.  However, this dream was abandoned due to lack of […]


House on the Hill

This is my first time at real estate photography. Thanks to a fantastic local photographer who invited me along to observe him, ask him question after question, and allow me to shoot a few frames with my own gear; I was able to capture a […]

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