Month: August 2013

Sooke River

We have had a very dry summer; consequently, the river’s water level is low.  During the wet season, the rocky formations I photographed are submerged by the raging waters of the river.   The dry weather has given me the opportunity to clamber up and […]

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Louisville School

The Louisville school-house was erected in the middle of the school district, having been built in the center of a swamp.  As a result, a road was never built to access it.  This did not really matter as most people used horses and wagons as […]

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Gravelbourg Library

This magnificent library was once the chapel in the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Gravelbourg, SK. The sisters dedicated 55 years to teaching young girls and boys. In 1970, they decided to sell the Convent to the Gravelbourg School Board. The former Convent is […]


Cupcake, Blaze and Snowflake

These horses reside at my in-laws in northern Saskatchewan. The three-year old Paint is our son’s and the others are my brother-in-law’s horses.  Cupcake and her mother are in the farm-yard and the others are in the big pasture a quarter-mile away. Despite being three, […]

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Barn North of Coppen

I took the series of shots making up this image about 20 minutes after first the blue skied photo of the same barn.  As I waited for the perfect moment, my husband and sister patiently endured the onslaught of mosquitoes (for some reason they did […]