Month: September 2013

Moss Cottage Kitchen

Wednesday I had the opportunity to photograph the interior of Moss Cottage, located on the Sooke Region Museum grounds.  These images are just the beginning of a series I will be posting about this quaint historical building. 5 x 7 fine art greeting cards, featuring […]


Cross Spider

The Cross Spider also known as the European garden spider, Diadem spider and Cross Orbweaver is a common orb-weaver spider found on Vancouver Island. Yesterday I spotted six of these spiders weaving their webs on the backyard patio.

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I am working on updating my blog and turning into website showcasing my personal projects (what I have been doing up until now) and those I have been commissioned for (working on getting to this). One of these photos below will be the new and […]



This gallery depicts the inside of Gravelbourg’s courtroom and an image of a room on the main floor that is currently being used by a law office.  Unfortunately, I am unsure as to what this room was initially used for, but if any of you […]


On the way to Rosetown

For eight years I have driven past this abandoned farm-yard off Highway 4, as I was making my way from northern Alberta to southern Saskatchewan. Finally this summer I stopped in and photographed the place. As a sidebar, I have had these images printed into […]

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How a little dirt changes one’s appearance. Madeleine and her sister were playing in the dirt at grandmaman and grandpapa’s, in case you were wondering.  I was utterly incapable of resisting shooting a few pictures. Despite the layers of grime, Maddie’s personality still shines through. […]

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Ville de Gravelbourg / Town of Gravelbourg

This Court House is a Municipal Heritage Property located on Main Street in Gravelbourg, my home town.  Its heritage value resides in its architecture. Constructed in 1926-27, the building is one of a series of court houses designed by the office of the provincial architect, […]



I wanted to create an image that would appear to have been shot at a rural museum.  Mission accomplished.  I was asked many times at the artist festival, where I was selling my work, if I this shot was taken at the local museum. I […]