Ville de Gravelbourg / Town of Gravelbourg

Architecture, Historical Site

This Court House is a Municipal Heritage Property located on Main Street in Gravelbourg, my home town.  Its heritage value resides in its architecture.

Constructed in 1926-27, the building is one of a series of court houses designed by the office of the provincial architect, Maurice Sharon.  He designed ten provincial court houses during his tenure as provincial architect from 1916 to 1930.

Several towns and cities were designated as judicial centres where court houses would be built. Larger centres received buildings of substantial size. For smaller communities, a prototypical design was developed and realized first in Gravelbourg.  Maurice embraced a Colonial Revival style for Gravelbourg’s court house. This building features pitched roofs, rain gutters integrated with projecting metal cornices, central cupolas with attic ventilation, and brick cladding trimmed with stone. The incorporation of these design elements reduced construction costs and improved roof drainage while retaining the appropriate sense of grandeur for a judicial building.

The Court House is also valued as one of several substantial and significant buildings constructed in Gravelbourg prior to 1930. Gravelbourg is notable as a small community that is home to several monumental buildings, including the Cathedral, the Convent and the Bishop’s Residence. Related through the use of Claybank Brick and elaborate architecture, these monumental buildings have become important landmarks in the community.

Please note the information above was obtained from les Lieux Patrimonieux du Canada’s web site.

To view the other images belonging to this series please click on the following link:  Courtroom.

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Entranced by rural and urban decay. I am drawn to these forlorn sites because they emote conflicting sentiments of beauty and disintegration.

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