Month: November 2013

Café Paris

If you are ever in Gravelbourg, SK, plan to stop in at Café Paris on Main Street.  The tantalizing aromas will envelop you as you walk in the door.It is a wonderful place to to eat lunch on the patio while savoring Dominique’s famous mint/rosemary […]


Downtown Excursion

Wow, it is hard to believe this day last year, I posted my first blog entry. I am very proud of myself for all that I have accomplished in the last year.I earnestly began practicing photography in September 2012 by first taking classes on how […]


Rose Family

It is that time of the year again:  family photo time.  Christmas is fast approaching and we need something to put in our Christmas cards.I would like to take credit for the first photo and how well it turned out; however, I had no idea […]

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Second World War Veteran

Please allow me the honor of presenting you Mr. Roy Tennant, a 93 year old World War II veteran. I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Tennant November 1, 2013. I approached him, wondering if he would allow me the privilege of photographing him […]