Downtown Excursion

Close-Up, People, Portrait

Wow, it is hard to believe this day last year, I posted my first blog entry. I am very proud of myself for all that I have accomplished in the last year.I earnestly began practicing photography in September 2012 by first taking classes on how to use my camera’s settings and learning to capture a technically correct photo.  After many hours of trial and error, getting my work critiqued, and working on improving my skills, I have learned so much.

I look forward to learning more, pushing my limits and expanding my horizons in the upcoming year.  Don’t get me wrong, my favorite subject to photograph is my little man, but, I think he is getting a little sick of me (chuckle).  Many thanks to my wonderful husband who has also sat through many trial sessions and offered kind words of encouragement.

Here’s to another year of improving my craft.

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Entranced by rural and urban decay. I am drawn to these forlorn sites because they emote conflicting sentiments of beauty and disintegration.

2 thoughts on “Downtown Excursion”

  1. Natalie says:

    I always love receiving an email from your blog so that I can see the new photographs that you have taken. You are so creative and you capture the essence of each person. You are truly talented!!! Congratulations and best wishes for the upcoming year!!!!!

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