Do It Yourself Christmas Ornament

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This is a simple project that allows you to go outside and enjoy nature.

Collect clean pine cones that have fallen from a tree. I prefer to pick cones who’s scales are tightly packed as they last for many years (I think I made these decorations three or four years ago).

Once you have returned home, arm yourself with a hot glue gun and glue two to three cones together at their apex. You can leave them as is for a more natural look or opt to decorate the top of your creation with ribbons or a small bow.  I used bits of ribbon left over from my scrap booking days.

Place your new handiwork on the branches of your tree.  Voila, you have environmentally friendly Christmas ornaments that looks great.

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Entranced by rural and urban decay. I am drawn to these forlorn sites because they emote conflicting sentiments of beauty and disintegration.

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