Month: January 2014

Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

As we were hiking down to Mystic Beach via the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, the sun made an extremely brief appearance through the trees.  This forest reminds me of the children’s movie “FernGully”. If you are still enough, you might see sprites peeking out […]

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Mystic Beach Limestone Cliffs

Mystic Beach is described by one blogger as one of the most beautiful and spectacular beaches along the coast. I have to agree, its golden sandy beach, cascading waterfall and beautifully colored limestone cliffs create stunning scenery.


Two Different Beaches

If I waited for clear skies to go out shooting, I would never photograph anything as the fog and clouds have been abundant lately.  So I thought I would use them to my advantage.  The clouds provide soft lighting for my first image shot at […]


No Trespassing

One of my favorite places to explore are the Deertrail Resort ruins overlooking the Sooke Pot Holes. They are unfortunately behind a 9 foot fence with No Trespassing / Do Not Enter signs dotting the perimeter.

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Sinking House Boat

What a great way to spend the morning, taking a stroll on the Galloping Goose trail and stopping once in a while to take a few shots. As per my norm, I was drawn to an old,  dilapidated structure; this one slowly sinking into the […]

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Tack Sharp Eyes

I shudder to think what life would be without the web. Today’s little project is a result of researching on-line forums regarding how to actualize tack sharp eyes in a self-portrait. It is so simple, I can’t believe I did not think of it. One […]

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Photography for Women

Treat yourself to a photo session celebrating your true beauty by allowing me the opportunity of capturing your unique essence.  Permit yourself to be all that you are – confident, playful, tough, adventurous, sensitive, sexy, exuberant, elegant, or serious.  After all, there is nothing more […]

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