Deserted Deertrail Resort – Part 4

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Devil’s Potholes is one of the earliest references regarding the fascinating rock formations beyond the falls of the upper Sooke River. This location led to one man’s dream of a destination resort. When Albert Yuen acquired the property he saw the potential of the spectacular outcropping as the site for a world-class resort and conference centre.It was touted as a $50 million development. The details of their ideas altered from time to time, but stayed focused on a world-class resort in a natural setting, based on preserving the environment as much as possible.

The location is magnificent, one of the most spectacular river views on the island. With its beautiful setting, the Yuen vision that incorporated the use of natural stone, vegetation and local timber, attracted a lot of attention. The proposed development, in its varied forms, was not without controversy within the local community. Over the next two decades, the enterprise continued sporadically, with a series of planning changes including housing development and promotion as a media village, but it seemed that setbacks plagued the development throughout.

It appeared that lack of investment dollars prevented the Yuens from being able to bring their dreams to fruition, and the partially completed structure fell into disrepair. Today, the 160-acre site with its three miles of river frontage is held between The Land Conservancy and Capital Regional District Parks. The structure never reached the point of completion and as a safety measure, the dismantling of the timbers took place.

This riverside property, bought in the 1920’s by George and Sis Weiler, who raised turkeys and Jersey cattle on site, and called their mountain home Deertrail, has gone through interesting changes.

See Albert Yuen’s dream at the Sooke Potholes for complete article.

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Entranced by rural and urban decay. I am drawn to these forlorn sites because they emote conflicting sentiments of beauty and disintegration.

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