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Raining in the Garden

It seems like it has been raining non-stop on Vancouver Island. So, I wrapped my camera in plastic today and set out in my little flower bed in the back yard. I changed things up a bit and used my flash off camera fitted with […]

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Death on the Roadside

My husband and I were out one beautiful morning enjoying the prairie scenery of southern Saskatchewan, when we came across this unfortunate little coyote pup. I think she may have been hit by a passing vehicle and was left on the roadside.


Soap Bubbles – Take Three

I get hits on my soap bubbles posts almost daily, so I decided to enlist the help of my son and I photographed soap bubbles for a third time. He was in charge of blowing the bubbles as I shot away. Click on the following […]

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As many of you noticed I have not been posting much for the last month, as I have been recovering from surgery. I have also accepted a temporary full-time position within my primary field of work.  My posts have been fairly sporadic; however, I will […]

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Soap Bubbles – Take Two

Illustrated in the second and third image, the skin of the bubble glistens with complementary colors produced by interference.Depicted in the first and last photo, the bubble solution gets thinner and thinner. The black film is a harbinger of an upcoming disaster. The bubble is […]

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Mardi Gras

I photographed this guy in April and his image is featured, along with others, in another post. But, I think this guy deserves a page all to himself. His colorful personality caught my eye in the spring and I still think he is magnificent.

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