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Deserted Deertrail Resort – Part 4

Devil’s Potholes is one of the earliest references regarding the fascinating rock formations beyond the falls of the upper Sooke River. This location led to one man’s dream of a destination resort. When Albert Yuen acquired the property he saw the potential of the spectacular […]

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Wakamow Valley – Wild Animal Park

The former wild animal park is located in Wakamow Valley on the outskirts of Moose Jaw. The park opened in 1929. Native and non-native animals were imported and displayed in the park, including bison, bears, wolves and a variety of North American fowl. As time […]

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Deserted Deertrail Resort – Part 3

I am surprised to realize so much time has elapsed since the last time I photographed this unfinished lodge (three years). These ruins have received much attention, in the form of graffiti, since my last visit. The deserted stone work was to be the foundation […]


Mardi Gras

I photographed this guy in April and his image is featured, along with others, in another post. But, I think this guy deserves a page all to himself. His colorful personality caught my eye in the spring and I still think he is magnificent.

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Vintage Bicycle

When I saw this bicycle, it reminded of a day long past when the rider would be wearing a long skirt and a broad-brimmed hat; taking a leisurely ride on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


Deserted Deertrail Resort

This unfinished lodge sits on the precipice of  160 acres along  the Sooke river.  At one time, the plans were to build a resort that would boast 250 luxury rooms and a conference facility for 450.  However, this dream was abandoned due to lack of […]