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As many of you noticed I have not been posting much for the last month, as I have been recovering from surgery. I have also accepted a temporary full-time position within my primary field of work.  My posts have been fairly sporadic; however, I will […]

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Ferris Wheel

Sunday night at the local fair. As my son enjoyed himself on the rides, I strolled along photographing the carnival lights.  By simply changing my shutter speed, I was able to capture the various color schemes shining from the ferris wheel.

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Revisiting Old Images

I was lacking inspiration for today, so I started looking through some of my older works for ideas. I came across these two images that I had created a few years ago. The first is my final assignment for the Photoshop module, which was part […]

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Texture 2

When I was first brainstorming about this concept, I was thinking about photographing an object in an unusual setting. So my first step was to find an item with visual interest. Off to the garage I went, and spotted this rusty pipe wrench.  I then […]

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