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Gravelbourg Library

This magnificent library was once the chapel in the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Gravelbourg, SK. The sisters dedicated 55 years to teaching young girls and boys. In 1970, they decided to sell the Convent to the Gravelbourg School Board. The former Convent is […]


Abandoned in Rural Saskatchewan

There is something indescribable about abandoned buildings that captivate me. One day I would love to travel across our beautiful country to photograph these wonderful structures, that are part of bygone times, before they rot into oblivion. Click on the following link to view Abandoned […]

Pemberton Memorial Chapel

Pemberton Memorial Chapel

After an unexpected absence I am back; however, I will be limiting myself to a few posts per week until I am fully recovered. I took these shots at the Pemberton Memorial Chapel which stands amidst the Royal Jubilee Hospital complex while undergoing treatment. This […]

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Gerber Daisies

No post on Tuesday because I was having one of those days where every image I shot was not quite right.  However, today is a different day, and thus far, I am happy with my shots .

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Revisiting Old Images

I was lacking inspiration for today, so I started looking through some of my older works for ideas. I came across these two images that I had created a few years ago. The first is my final assignment for the Photoshop module, which was part […]

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The paintings on the ceilings of Our Lady of the Assumption Co-Cathedral in Gravelbourg, SK depict eternal salvation.  This particular scene is located above and behind the altar. These magnificent works of art were painted by Monsignor Charles Maillard, a French born priest who devoted 10 years […]

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Stained Glass

This beautiful piece depicting the assumption of Mary resides in Our Lady of the Assumption Co-Cathedral, in Gravelbourg, SK. The stained glass was crafted by Frederic Rault, at the Rault Studio in Rennes (Brittany). This breathtaking window features vivid rays of light, curving earthward as […]

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