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Winter Wonderland

The first morning during the holidays, in Gravelbourg, I awoke to this. It was a perfect way to start the Christmas season. The fog responsible for the beautiful hoar frost was so thick that morning, the entire town vanished for a short time. 5 x […]



Here are a few other shots from our human form workshop. I love using light to create deep shadows that leave a little something to the imagination.



Angela was our second model from our outdoor fashion shoot at a Victoria shopping center. Our group photographed her first, during the desired evening magic hours: golden hour and blue hour.

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Muirina Fae

The human form, elegantly simple. For the past two weeks, we have been photographing the human form. We use light to emphasize shape and texture. The results are beautiful.

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Elana and I had a great time at the park Friday afternoon. We had a few curious onlookers, kids asking us what we were doing and one child even told us to get out of his way, which needless to say, made us both laugh […]

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Bubbling Brook

This peaceful little spot is tucked away in the hills north Jordan River along the Jordan River Main and the Bear Creek Reservoir.    I seized the opportunity to photograph this quiet little brook as my husband and son were out on the logging roads […]

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Discarded Couture

I have recently become friends with a very talented fashion designer named Jen Bell, who also lives in Sooke, BC.  Her label is Discarded Couture.  She recycles garments and items that have literally been discarded and fashions them into unique and stunning pieces. She had […]

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