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The following collaboration was made possible by a very talented group of ladies: Lynda Bull of Lynda Marie Couture Millinery, Jennifer Bell of Discarded Couture, Erin Bradley of Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley, our beautiful model Mary Wallace of Coultish Management, and me.


Yearning from Behind the Glass

I am excited to share with all of you that Gothesque Magazine Issue #12 was released yesterday, featuring our Living Doll collaboration.   Click on issue #12 to view Gothesque Magazine.   Designer: Jen Bell of Discarded Couture Hair & Makeup: Erin Bradley of Beauty & Style by Erin […]

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1940’s Tribute

Please enjoy our third styled shoot of 2014. This 1940’s theme was modeled after Jen’s (the designer) grandmother. One had to adapt in the 40’s due to wartime rationing.  In the early 1940’s women’s skirts and dresses became shorter to save on fabric, as a […]

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Porcelain Doll

Our porcelain doll is so fair with her crystal blue eyes, alabaster skin, and fiery red hair. Designer: Jen Bell of Discarded Couture Hair & Makeup: Erin Bradley of Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley Model: Charlotte Wood Photographer: Christiane Bouvier Rose Return to portrait […]

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Fabulous Fifties

Perfecting these twitchin images has just been peachy keen; I have been jazzed all week. Thanks again to such a primo team. Click the following links for Glamour & Style, Little Red Hat, Cat’s Eye Glasses, and 50’s Inspired Shoot. Designer: Jennifer Bell of Discarded […]

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Little Red Hat

Post the Second World War, hats were small and close to the head. Women’s hats were an essential part of their outfits and were never removed.  To make the point, one asks:  would you ever take off your dress in public? Click the following links […]

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Cat’s Eye Glasses

Cat’s eye glasses are a type of women’s eyewear that was popular in the 1950s and 60s among fashionable women. They were worn by very famous ladies in Hollywood, namely Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Click the following link to see Glamour & Style, 50’s […]

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50’s Inspired Shoot

I had a phenomenal Sunday afternoon working with an ingenious team. The elegant dress was designed by Jennifer Bell of Discarded Couture.  The stunning makeup and hair was created by Erin Bradley of Beauty & Style by Erin Bradley.  The dazzling model who exuded fifties […]

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