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Deserted Deertrail Resort – Part 4

Devil’s Potholes is one of the earliest references regarding the fascinating rock formations beyond the falls of the upper Sooke River. This location led to one man’s dream of a destination resort. When Albert Yuen acquired the property he saw the potential of the spectacular […]

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Schaff Family

The Charters River, trail and surrounding forest made a great backdrop for the Schaff family session last weekend. I am sure they did not expect to be clambering about on rocks and logs. I am glad they were so willing to risk getting a little […]

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Deserted Deertrail Resort – Part 3

I am surprised to realize so much time has elapsed since the last time I photographed this unfinished lodge (three years). These ruins have received much attention, in the form of graffiti, since my last visit. The deserted stone work was to be the foundation […]


Juan de Fuca Marine Trail

As we were hiking down to Mystic Beach via the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, the sun made an extremely brief appearance through the trees.  This forest reminds me of the children’s movie “FernGully”. If you are still enough, you might see sprites peeking out […]

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A Cowboy with his Gun

Our little excursion took us to a logging road by Port Renfrew, about a 30 minute drive from home. We took our son’s dirt bike, so he could ride around while I took photos of my husband with his 30-06 Ruger. I have to chuckle […]



Sharp, barbed, pointy projections, spiny, and prickly are all words that describe the following photos of thorn bearing twigs my pants got caught on while traipsing through the forest.

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