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Winter Wonderland

The first morning during the holidays, in Gravelbourg, I awoke to this. It was a perfect way to start the Christmas season. The fog responsible for the beautiful hoar frost was so thick that morning, the entire town vanished for a short time. 5 x […]


Ville de Gravelbourg / Town of Gravelbourg

This Court House is a Municipal Heritage Property located on Main Street in Gravelbourg, my home town.  Its heritage value resides in its architecture. Constructed in 1926-27, the building is one of a series of court houses designed by the office of the provincial architect, […]


Gravelbourg Library

This magnificent library was once the chapel in the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Gravelbourg, SK. The sisters dedicated 55 years to teaching young girls and boys. In 1970, they decided to sell the Convent to the Gravelbourg School Board. The former Convent is […]

Canadian Pacific Rail Cars

Canadian Pacific Rail Cars

In addition to being mesmerized by old and decrepit buildings I also have a penchant for trains. Perhaps it has to do with the history associated to older things. These Canadian Pacific rail cars dot the prairie landscape are parked on the track North West […]


Stained Light

I captured these ethereal scenes mid afternoon on a winter’s day. The colors bathing the walls and columns from the setting sun shimmering through the stained glass is so lovely.

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These little angels were initially painted as chubby nudes; however, such illustrations were not acceptable in the early 1900’s.  So the artist, father Charles Maillard, covered them up with wisps of flowing fabric.

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I am very much attracted to repeating visual elements within a composition; hence my post for today.  My eye is lead across the form in a smooth motion, resulting in a fluid rhythm within the image.

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By the Train Tracks

A dreary morning in December, I traipsed in the snow by the nearly deserted railway, in Gravelbourg, SK to capture the sense of forlornness of this site. The construction of the Canadian National Railway station in 1913 brought with it said railway.  The Canadian National Railway provided […]

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Saint Philomena

St. Philomena: the daughter of light and the enlightener of a dark and corrupt age.  I photographed a few of the paintings depicting her life, located above the nave windows of Our Lady of the Assumption Co-Cathedral in Gravelbourg, SK.   Two of the last three paintings reside by […]

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The paintings on the ceilings of Our Lady of the Assumption Co-Cathedral in Gravelbourg, SK depict eternal salvation.  This particular scene is located above and behind the altar. These magnificent works of art were painted by Monsignor Charles Maillard, a French born priest who devoted 10 years […]

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Fleur-de-Lys Stained Glass

This particular stained glass window in the Gravelbourg cathedral is made of dalle de verre glass. The Raults handmade this raw coloured glass, which is two centimeters thick and weighs 4 or 5 times more than conventional stained glass. The Raults developed a technique of using regular lead strips […]

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