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Wakamow Valley – Wild Animal Park

The former wild animal park is located in Wakamow Valley on the outskirts of Moose Jaw. The park opened in 1929. Native and non-native animals were imported and displayed in the park, including bison, bears, wolves and a variety of North American fowl. As time […]

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Cross Spider

The Cross Spider also known as the European garden spider, Diadem spider and Cross Orbweaver is a common orb-weaver spider found on Vancouver Island. Yesterday I spotted six of these spiders weaving their webs on the backyard patio.

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Sooke River

We have had a very dry summer; consequently, the river’s water level is low.  During the wet season, the rocky formations I photographed are submerged by the raging waters of the river.   The dry weather has given me the opportunity to clamber up and […]

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Cupcake, Blaze and Snowflake

These horses reside at my in-laws in northern Saskatchewan. The three-year old Paint is our son’s and the others are my brother-in-law’s horses.  Cupcake and her mother are in the farm-yard and the others are in the big pasture a quarter-mile away. Despite being three, […]

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This older image was shot last November when the fog was thick most mornings. With the sun shining brightly outdoors this morning, this image’s mood is very different from today’s cheerful ambiance.   Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Gerber Daisies

No post on Tuesday because I was having one of those days where every image I shot was not quite right.  However, today is a different day, and thus far, I am happy with my shots .

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