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Sunset on the Prairies

This grain elevator in Gravelbourg, SK is the only remaining elevator (in Saskatchewan) built by the Saskatchewan and Western Elevator Company and is one of the few remaining elevators built prior to the 1920’s. Many of these grain elevators have been dismantled and removed from […]


Twilight on a Prairie Icon

This grain elevator was built in 1915, in Gravelbourg Saskatchewan. The heritage value of this Saskatchewan and Western Elevator Company elevator lies in its status as an example of grain elevators that were built during the expansion of the grain-handling industry between 1900 and 1930.The […]


By the Train Tracks

A dreary morning in December, I traipsed in the snow by the nearly deserted railway, in Gravelbourg, SK to capture the sense of forlornness of this site. The construction of the Canadian National Railway station in 1913 brought with it said railway.  The Canadian National Railway provided […]

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